Tower Night stay

Tower Night stay

Tower Night stay

Oct 11 2022

One of the best places in Nepal with the potential to offer its visitors a lot of adventurous activities in nature is Chitwan. And for a wholesome experience, while you travel Chitwan, Greenpark Chitwan has been serving the visitors with a perfectly organized activity plan that meets your standards. While in Chitwan, you might want to try a variety of activities, including bird watching, elephant safaris, canoe rides, and elephant bathing, which offer a high level of adventure and excitement. However, apart from these, you may want to add another fun activity that goes perfectly with your Chitwan jungle safari, a Tower night Stay.

This activity is for those with the guts to spend a few nights in the middle of the jungle in Chitwan. So, if you wish to take part in this thrilling experience, read below and find out what you can expect from it. 

About Tower Night stay at Chitwan National Park

Tower night Stay is an overnight stay inside Chitwan National park’s wooden towers from where you will get a close look at the flora and fauna residing inside the Chitwan national park. If you plan to stay overnight at a tower in Chitwan National Park, Green park Chitwan can set up a camp for you in a tower that has a modest bathroom. The living arrangements during the stay have to be of fair level because animals may become fairly hostile when they see people wandering around in the jungle at night.

What to expect during a Tower Night Stay at Chitwan National Park?

If you have ever wanted to sleep inside a jungle, you will get to fulfill your wish right here inside the thick forest of Chitwan National Park. These wooden towers also known as jungle towers are constructed right inside the forest. So you can expect a remote residence for yourself with utter peace, greenery, animals, and birds around. Similarly, the bathrooms, lighting, and bedrooms are all kept up to date so that you won't have to face any problems during your stay.

The ranger and guide will be living inside the same tower as you and will be available to assist you around the clock. You may typically hear birds chirping, deer grazing, rhinos sprinting, and tigers roaring during your tower night stay.

 In addition, you may experience the sights and sounds that can only be experienced while sleeping deep within the forest, as the majority of lodging at Nepal's Chitwan National Park is outside the park's boundaries. While you are inside the tower, watch out for birds and other species, such as tigers, deer, and rhinos, from above. 

Green Park Chitwan

In order to participate in this activity, you can contact a travel agency which can help you to get everything at ease. If you choose Greenpark Chitwan, you will get to partake really cozy accommodations where each room has a bathroom, air conditioning, and satellite television.

With a separate restaurant/dining hall serving delectable Nepalese and international cuisine, Greenpark Chitwan is surrounded by well-kept lawns, walkways, and gorgeous gardens, full of exotic trees, plants, and flowers. This makes it the perfect place to meet friends and discuss your jungle experiences.

 Apart from that, Green park offers pick-up from any location in Pokhara, Chitwan, or Kathmandu. The pick-up time is specified as 24 hours since we want to meet with clients a day in advance to go over all the specifics so that they can have a better experience. At Greenpark, we go above and beyond to ensure that you take full advantage of Chitwan and experience it to the fullest.

As you enter our traditionally carved entrance doors you will get to enjoy the refreshing air from the tall elephant grass growing in the wild. We took care to include a little bit of Chitwan culture, art, and moods in each of our rooms. Additionally, the rooms offer a lively jungle vibe that gives you a sense of the jungle in a calm setting. Not to mention the comfort and hospitality we provide, which will make you feel at home even when you're not. 

 Hence, at Greenpark Chitwan you will gain an understanding of the hospitality of the local's thanks to the cultural insight into the authentic Chitwan ethnic group that we have incorporated into our offerings. The tranquil atmosphere we have worked up to maintain would be played as the wildflowers' singing. Consequently, we are here to provide you with the pieces of Chitwan at one convenient location.