Top 5 places to visit in chitwan

Top 5 places to visit in chitwan

Top 5 places to visit in chitwan

Apr 20 2022

Chitwan is one of Nepal’s must-visit places for both local and international tourists. One of Chitwan's popular attractions is the  Chitwan National Park.  Chitwan National Park is the first-ever national park of Nepal and a world heritage site, the park is one of the most treasured sites for travelers to visit in Nepal. Likewise, there are many incredible activities to do inside the national park.  Similarly, Tharu village, the elephant breeding center and the local waterfall are other major attractions of Chitwan. You can have a wholesome experience of both wildlife and the warm hospitality of the locals full of carnival and cultural magnificence. Here we suggest you a list of a total of five places you should visit while you visit Chitwan and things to do in those places. Let's find out more about these places below.

Best Places to visit in Chitwan

1. Chitwan Jungle Safari

Chitwan jungle safari is a major exciting thing to do while in chitwan. You will get to do the jungle safari inside the chitwan national park. The national park preserves over 525 species of birds, 55 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 50 species of mammals. Visiting Chitwan national park and participating in the jungle safari can be an incredibly joyful adventure for someone who loves to observe animals and birds or even a researcher for their research purpose. What makes Chitwan jungle safari interesting is the view of wild animals and birds categorized as 'endangered'.

Some of the major attractions of Chitwan jungle safari are:

  • One-horned rhinoceros,
  • Bengal tigers,
  • Different variations of deer like Barking deer, spotted deer, Sambardeer and chinkara deer
  • Different species of birds and
  • Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

So what exciting things will you be able to do in Chitwan jungle safari?

  • Jungle Safari: You can choose to have an exciting jungle safari either on the Elephant back or a jeep ride.
  • Wilderness walk: Make a group of friends, get a guide and you are ready to go wild in the forest of the national park. Do not go anole for a walk inside the jungle as many dangerous animals are waiting for you to make your meal.
  • Bird watching: As mentioned above, there are more than 525 species of birds in the park hence travel with your guide and get binoculars. You are all set for bird watching!

2. See Greater-one horned rhino

Are Rhinos important? Why are Rhinos conserved?
Rhinos are one of the most important animals for maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Additionally, rhinos have been surviving for millions of years on plants. Rhinos are grazing animals and they consume a huge ratio of vegetation and play a vital role in topography maintenance. Despite their importance in environmental conservation, rhinos lie under the category of endangered animals. Rhinos are difficult to find due to illegal hunting for land use rights.and habitat (wetland and grassland) loss. Therefore the National parks are the important bodies that work for the preservation of these endangered rhinos.

There are total 5 types of rhinos as mentioned below:

  • Black rhino
  • White rhino
  • Greater-one horned rhino
  • Javan rhino and
  • Sumatran rhino

Among these types of rhinos, Chitwan is best known for the perseverance of the Greater-one horned rhinos. In Nepal, Rhino's ultimate habitat lies in the south part of the country.

According to The National Rhino Count 2021, the population of one-horned rhinoceros has increased by 107. In 2015, there were 645 one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal but in 2021, the number of one-horned rhinoceros improved to 752.

But how is Chitwan best known for the perseverance of the Greater-one horned rhinos?

Well, that's because out of these 752 Greater-one horned rhinos, 694 of them are preserved in the Chitwan national park. Besides,

Bardia national park preserves 38 Greater-one horned rhinos, Shuklaphanta national park preserves 17, and Parsa National Park preserves 3.

3. Elephant Breeding Center

There are two elephant breeding centers in the world and one of them is located in Chitwan, Nepal. Just like the above-mentioned one-horned rhinos, Elephants are one of the most endangered animals. As per a survey conducted in 2015, there are more than 51 elephants and their babies in the Chitwan elephant breeding center.

You can enjoy in the center by doing below mentioned things:

  • Watching baby elephants breastfeeding, eating, and playing
  • You can feed the elephants in the center
  • Visit the elephant breeding center museum

However, the breeding center is only open in the morning and evening time for visitors. Thus, be prepared to visit the breeding center according to the following table :

Season Morning time Evening time
Summer 07:00AM to 10 AM 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Winter 08:00 AM to 11 AM 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM


4. Jalbire Waterfall(Lamo Jharana)

Jalbire Waterfall is another attraction in Chitwan to enjoy the freshwater waterfall. The waterfall is 6 meters long and people generally come here in the summertime to enjoy swimming and observing the landscape. Chitwan is naturally a humid place and the best escape from the hot and lousy situation, especially in the summertime when the temperature is around 30 to 35 degrees celsius. Besides, while visiting this waterfall you need to pay a certain amount. If you are a Nepalese citizen you can pay Nrs. 10 to enjoy the waterfall. Besides, if you are a visitor from any other nation, it will cost you Nrs.50 to enjoy the waterfall. Although the waterfall area has a lot of rocks, and stones it is completely safe to play there. Just be attentive to the slippery stones on the floor of the waterfall.

5. Chitwan Tharu Village

If you are someone who adores people and their culture, you shall visit the Tharu village of Chitwan. Tharu people are an indigenous ethnic group living in the Terai region of Nepal. The Tharu village consists of many Tharu households. In addition, what makes the Tharus very special is their rich culture, practices, and courteous hospitality.

The major attraction of the Chitwan Tharu village are:

  • The traditional houses of the Tharu people
  • The customs and ornaments they wear
  • The lifestyle, language, and their marriage ceremony
  • Tharu Village museum consists of traditional Tharu costumes and tools these people use in their day-to-day life.