whole day jungle walk chitwan

whole day jungle walk chitwan

whole day jungle walk chitwan

Nov 07 2022

 Thinking of a whole day of fun yet daring activity in a deep jungle among beautiful wild creatures? If your answer is yes, this blog welcomes you to participate in a whole-day jungle walk at the Chitwan National Park, Nepal. The whole-day jungle walk is an extremely adventurous experience where one can explore a thick forest that surrounds the natural habitat of wild animals. As per the Chitwan National Park itself, the Jungle walk inside the park is the most thrilling safari activity. Additionally, the walk also makes it possible to go closer to actual creatures and fills you with the calm vibe of the great outdoors and nature. Besides, it can also be one of the most effective and affordable ways to explore Chitwan National Park. One interesting fact about this jungle walk is that only the guide traveling with you will be provided with a bamboo stick to protect you from any kind of possible animal attack

Jungle Walk in Chitwan National Park 

A jungle walk in Chitwan National Park is one of the quite well-known packages visitors take while in Chitwan.  Chitwan National Park is the only National Park in the world that permits tourists to go on deep jungle walks. Animals like One Horn Rhinos, Elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, Bison, Sloth Bears, and other large mammals may all be found in the park's central part making the walk even more enjoyable. It’s very important to take caution while going for the jungle walk as these creatures might attack you during the trek. Therefore, taking a forest stroll is a bit risky and is a thrilling safari. The most well-known entrance to the Chitwan National Park is from Sauraha, the main tourist hub in Chitwan.

Visitors can access the park from a variety of locations. You can visit the National Park on your own and experience nature up close, but it is always advised to have a guide. It’s very important to be informed of any potential threats inside the lush jungle of Chitwan national park. At the National Park entry gate, you must pay an entrance fee and an extra price for the guide.

How safe is the Chitwan jungle walk? 

We must admit that going on a jungle walk is not entirely risk-free, but before we begin, we go over safety precautions and what to do and what not to do while in the park. When we go on a jungle walk safari, we must always keep quiet because wild animals always perceive loud noises as threatening or nosy. So, it is wise and crucial to maintain silence while walking through the Jungle. The safest distance to stay from wild animals is more than 20 to 30 meters. If you retain your distance, the animals won't perceive you as a threat. Respectfully keeping a distance from wild creatures helps them feel less threatened. 

Similarly, Color is another factor important to wild animals because it can cause disruption. You must dress in hues that blend in with the bush or get dressed in disguise. With colorful clothing, wild animals feel welcomed and curious. In the forest, wearing red, yellow, and white is dangerous. There are various animal situations that are dangerous for us during our walk like when they are fighting, mating, or walking near a mother with her young children. Therefore, throughout the jungle walk, if we hear the sound of fighting animals, we stay away from them or go to a location where our knowledgeable guide feels safe. In case we come across a mother or young animal, we attempt to avoid the area. Likewise, even during the animal's mating season, we avoid getting too close to them and refrain from doing anything that can upset them.

Things to do in Chitwan jungle walk

1.Walk into the woods

Walking helps you to get closer to natural life and gives you a more wild feeling when exploring wild animals and their habitat. Throughout your walk, the guide will be your host and provide you with interesting facts about the varied plants and creatures of the forest

2.Explore the vibrant landscape

The landscape is flat, and we cover roughly 15 km on a day excursion. On the jungle walk, you will visit the grassland, water sources, and forest. There will be two guides in each group of up to six people. One will go in front of you and the other behind you. We keep extremely quiet, move slowly, and stop if we hear any sounds from animals. When we feel safe, we follow any new animal markings we come across while walking

3.Observation towers

The park has numerous observation towers close to the lake, river, and expansive grassland. Since it is possible to see some wildlife from the tower, you can also go to the observation towers and take a break for 30 minutes